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At Dhamma Dipa School, we are committed to empowering our employees who empower our youth. Because our students are our greatest asset, we want to help them realize their full potential. We are looking for energetic people who are highly motivated, self-managed and relish the challenge of leadership while working within a team. Our staff knows that change and progress come from freethinkers who go above and beyond the calls of their duties and see opportunity in every detail along the way. Moreover, children have the ability to sense if the person in front of them is there to care and inspire or simply out of obligation. If you are a professional who is motivated by making a difference and leaving a mark on the future generation, then you are the person for us!

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If you are interested and qualify for any of the above listed positions, please download and fill out the application below, then submit it with a copy of your CV and passport or identification card to Ven. Dr. Dhammapiya at :- dr_dhammapiya@yahoo.com