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Student Life

We are extremely proud of our students' academic performance, with 100% of the children passing the final exams in 2021! Currently, we are awaiting the scores of the 2022 exams. The students are provided with the best support and resources available to us. Most of the kids have shown significant improvement in their communicative English skills since starting with Dhamma Dipa School.

In spite of the adversities that these children come from, we get to work with very bright, eager, and talented kids. We have the opportunity to observe and mold their talents through academics, extracurricular activities, and community service. We feel that these activities not only shape the students into well-rounded and skilled individuals, but equip them with the tools necessary to take on the world!

Daily Activities

Wake up bell

Morning Exercise

Preparation for school

Study time



First period class

Second period class

First recess

Third period class

Fourth period class

Second recess

Fifth period class

Sixth period class

Seventh period Class

School ends, students change clothes


Midday rest

Extracurricular activities and play time

Bathing and chores

Evening meditation

Study time


Preparations for bed

Lights out bell