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Welcome to Dhamma Dipa School.

Dhamma Dipa School, DDS Tripura, was established keeping in view to provide value based quality education for the children, deprived because of poverty and isolation. Venerable Dr. Dhammapiya, the founder and chairman of the Bahujana Hitaya Educational Trust & Dhamma Dipa Foundation is a visionary who establish the Dhamma Dipa School (DDS), a C.B.S.E. affiliated, residential school in 2002 and Dhamma Dipa International Buddhist Academy (DDIBA) for novices and monks in 2007 at Manu Bankul, Sabroom, South Tripura. Today the school serves to 710 students from KG-I to Class XII, of which 160 students/novices are from the purely Buddhist monastic school, Dhamma Dipa International Buddhist Academy.

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Why Choose us

Equipping students with the tools Necessary for Success in the Modern World

Building and Campus
  • Teaching & Meditation room
  • Breakout / informal spaces
  • Library & Large Playground
  • Karma Vegetarian Cafe
  • Library & Laboratories
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    Responsibility of organising guest lectures for students, so that they are prepared to choose a good career according to their interests.

    Top Facilities

    Our Facilities

    School in Manu bankul

    Books, Computers & Labs

    Dhamma Dipa School, Sabroom provides it's students the best of everything for your Education providing everything you need for a top-notch education: digital classrooms, science labs, computer labs, and libraries.

    10+2 School

    Certified Teachers

    The lives of children are in good hands at our school, where we hire only the most qualified teachers. With help from our school, your child will be able to learn new skills and have a bright future.

    Class Rooms
    School sports

    Why Learn Here?

    Our Buddhist-inspired ethos supports well-being AND academic excellence. Mindfulness has scientifically proven benefits in education and crucially we teach it as an integrated, transformative practice rather than just an ‘add-on’.

    The Dhamma Dipa School already has years of experience in integrating mindfulness and education, during the primary phase, and crucially, for very young children. Scientific research shows that mindfulness practice may be of particular benefit to children during their primary school years when the brain’s limbic system (that controls emotion and behaviour) is still developing. Core life skills, emotional literacy and personality traits formed during this crucial period help determine how we will function as adults.

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    • Selflessness, Sacrifice, Love

      Value-based education is needed in today's society because we are seeing less and less values being practiced every day.

    • Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

      Values are both caught and taught.

    • Excellence, Efficiency, Teamwork

      Mere desire or aspiration to progress in life is not enough; success should be based on values.

    • Truthfulness, Honesty, Transparency

      Students should realize that character building is equally important as career building.

    • Social commitment without politics

      Education not only develops morality but also makes an individual capable for leadership and or intelligent fellowship.

    About The Chairman.

    Venerable Dr. Dhammapiya, the founder and chairman of the Bahujana Hitaya Educational Trust & Dhamma Dipa Foundation is a visionary who was born in the remote village of Suknachari beside the Feni River, a hilly region covered by forests in South Tripura.

    -Dr. Dhammapiya-

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    Certified Teachers

    Our professional & Expert Course advisor

    Our school is committed to providing your child with a safe environment where they can explore their potential. This means hiring only the best-qualified teachers and giving them whatever they need to do what they do best - teach. We take pride in doing everything possible so that you know your child's life is in good hands, every day of the year.

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    Mr. Janang Mog

    Secretary, BHET

    Pinky Banik

    Director (Academics)

    Paromita Bhattacharyya

    Vice-Principal, Dhamma Dipa School
    Sponsor a Child

    “ Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. ”

    To our compassionate and generous supporters, who have contributed wholeheartedly to making our school what it is today, on behalf of all of us...

    Sponsoring a child with us will ensure that they receive an excellent education, nutritious food and good medical care. Sponsorship is more than just money. It's about forming a lifelong bond with your sponsored child so you can offer moral and educational support.

    Sponsor A Child was created to support the education of the less fortunate children in the country. Sponsors are able to choose which child they want to sponsor between urban slums and rural and remote tribal areas in India. This includes orphans, semiorphans, low-income families with parents who work as maids or day laborers, janitors, taxi drivers, or small business owners.

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